MJO Terms Of Service

General Terms
♦ In order to post a gig, you must register for a free account on Micro Jobs Online
♦ "Gigs" are the services offered by sellers on Micro Jobs Online
♦ The gigs will be in a fixed price of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, and $500.
♦ When a seller sells a gig or delivers an order, he/she will earn 80% of the price of that gig. The other 20% goes to the owner of Micro Jobs Online to pay for fees and other expenses. 
♦ Buyers and sellers are not allowed to exchange URL's, emails, or any other contact information including instant messaging usernames.
♦ The Seller must not deliver any illegal, copyrighted work, violent content, or offensive material. The selling of any pornographic material is also prohibited on Micro Jobs Online.
♦ Disobeying the above rules will result in your account being permanently deleted.

Payments & Withdrawing funds

♦ In order to withdraw any amount of money, the seller must have a valid PayPal account.
♦ Buyers must pay the gig price before they receive the order.
♦ The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. If you try to withdraw $4 or less, the money will be marked as withdrawed and the money will be deposited back into your account balance. The money given back can only be used for buying gigs unless you email the owner to work something out at admin@microjobsonline.com

♦ When the Buyer approves that the service has been delivered; the seller may then request a withdrawal.

♦ Withdrawals are approved after 3 days for Gig/Job values of $15 and under. To reduce the incident of fraudulent transactions for orders over $15, approval will be after 7 days. Payments will be sooner than this for sellers that have many sales and a good reputation. 

♦ If any transaction is cancelled or suspended by Paypal Authorities, the buyer will not be paid. This is the case even if the service has been delivered and finalised. This typically applies in the case of fraud or buyer initiated complaint and as such this is beyond the control of Micro Jobs Online. Micro Jobs Online will make every attempt to ensure that the buyer has justly paid for their work.

Buyers (While ordering)

♦ You can order/purchase a gig via PayPal only.
♦ It is completely up-to the Buyer whether he wants to accept the order or not.
♦ If the seller doesn't accepts an order, the amount will be refunded to the buyer's account balance within 24 hours. Once the buyer has paid through PayPal or AlertPay, there is no way of getting it back. The money will be put right into the buyer's account balance to use for another order. 
♦ Any kind of Transaction or sending payment outside Micro Jobs Online is strictly prohibited, and if found, the account/s will be permanently banned.

♦ When ordering, the buyer can choose to order with PayPal account, AlertPay account, or account balance on Micro Jobs Online.

Feedback terms
♦ Buyers are allowed to leave a feedback on a delivery of an order, which adds a benefit to the Seller.
♦ Buyers must not leave a feedback with a promotional link.



♦ Buyers cannot issue a refund in PayPal or AlertPay, if done so, it may lead to the buyer's PayPal account suspension.

♦ Spamming is not allowed, we have the record of the IP addresses so it will result in permanently ban.

♦ The above rules are liable to change anytime, without informing sellers and buyers.

♦ If a Buyer/Seller has a dispute which they fail to resolve they can contact to admin@microjobsonline.com.

♦ A Buyer cannot open a dispute through PayPal. Doing this can result in account suspension. This page will be given to PayPal as proof that you agreed not to open a dispute. 

♦When a buyer is refunded for a canceled gig, they can only receive money back to their Micro Jobs Online account and cannot get their money back through PayPal or AlertPay (Payza). 


Last Edited July 2012, Copyright Micro Jobs Online, All Rights Reserved.